Ryan E. Mitchell

About Ryan

A software engineer with a broad background in engineering, math, and science, I have two books about web scraping and data collection. I have a master's in software engineering with a concentration in data science, and do occasional freelance work, writing web scrapers, for various companies in finance and retail.

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Web Scraping with Python Released June 2015, O'Reilly Media. Book Website

Instant Web Scraping with Java Released August 2013, Packt Publishing.

Olingua Franca: Creating Secure Networked Control Systems (IBM) Written for an IBM project I worked on at Olin.


Boston Java Meetup Group: 1 hour talk about web scraping with Java (September 2013)

Data Day Seattle: Two hour workshop on web scraping with Python. (June 2015)

DefCon: 45 minute talk about web scraping, security, and solving CAPTCHAs with machine learning in Las Vegas. (August 2015)

Boston Security Meetup Group: 20 minute talk about web scraping and security (September 2015)

Data Day Austin: 1 hour talk and 4 hour workshop on web scraping, web crawling, and protecting your website from bots.

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3600 Mystic Valley Pkwy
Apt W705
Medford, MA 02155