13+ years industry experience
in both Fortune 100 and startups


Master's in software engineering.
Former adjunct professor at Olin College, designed CS course content at Northeastern University


Talks and Workshops at DEF CON, Data Day Seattle/Texas.
Courses with LinkedIn Learning


Web Scraping with Python Second Edition (O'Reilly 2018),
Instant Web Scraping with Java (Packt 2015)

Don't Take My Word for It

"I took your class on screen scraping at Data Day. It helped me get a job doing just that. Like, immediately. Thank you!"
Johanna Kappel Data Wrangler, Dataarbetare
"Your presentation was absolutely fantastic! Can never say thank you enough for today and for these resources."

Web Scraping with Python | LinkedIn Learning

A 90 minute "quick start" web scraping course I created for LinkedIn in December 2020

Data Structures: Trees | LinkedIn Learning

One of my favorites. I walk learners through creating a self-balancing tree from scratch in Python.

Web Scraping with Python | O'Reilly

I published the first edition with O'Reilly in 2015. The second edition features expanded content, including a focus on scraping dynamically loaded data